POS Order Form Terms and Agreements
All POS requests must come through the website.
•No requests will be taken over the phone.
•Requests left on voicemail will be returned
One ACCOUNT per submitted request please.
Limit: Ten products per request please
Requests with more that 10 products will be returned.
Items available on the web are your responsibility to print and/or fax. This includes, but is not limited to shelf talkers, info-sheets, and reviews.
Info sheets -- if the sheet you need is not available on our website or the producers website, you will be responsible for submitting a POS order form for the specific info-sheet. All items that are on the producers website are your responsibility.
The website will be THE mode of fulfillment. You will be advised when your requested item are available for download. The online shelf talker system will be updated as items are created. If you are looking for particular items please request them via the POS order form. Select "website" from the delivery method.
Wine openers, champagne buckets, ash trays, lg. format dummies will be delivered to your drop-zone, and not to the account. All merchandising items must be accompanied by a POS order form.
Allow 1 week for all request -- longer during busier times of the year.
We understand the "opportunity knocks", and "*&%# happens", so lets work together. If the normal volume of requests go through this process, we will have the time, ability and resources to respond to your urgent needs. How ever... we are keeping score.
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